From 7 to 70, everyone loves the thrill of throwing axes and hitting bullseyes with our interactive darts! No matter who's celebrating, we've got the perfect recipe for an unforgettable birthday bash!

Axe throwing

The birthday party activity that’s sharp, exciting, and a total blast! Let the birthday crew unleash their inner lumberjack while creating unforgettable memories.

interactive darts

The birthday party game that’s a bullseye for fun! Light up the scoreboard, challenge your friends, and discover their inner darts champion. Add some *responsible* bar incentive for the adults.

escape rooms

The birthday party adventure that’s a mind-bending escape from the ordinary! Teamwork, puzzles, and a race against the clock will create a birthday story worth telling.


Mocktails, cocktails, and everything in between! Our diverse drinks selection ensures everyone can join in the birthday fun.

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