Hen Parties

Upgrade your hen do with an unforgettable experience! Sip on delicious cocktails, unleash your inner warrior queen with axe throwing, challenge your squad to a round of interactive darts, or put your girlfriends to the test with a mind-boggling escape room.

Axe throwing

Channel your inner warrior queen, unleash your competitive spirit, and discover who’s the sharpest shooter in the squad. Nothing beats the empowering thrill of hitting that bullseye and celebrating with your best girls!

interactive darts

The hen party showdown that’s all about bragging rights, bubbly, and a bit of friendly rivalry. Step up to the lane line, unleash your inner darts diva, and prove you’re the sharpest shooter in the hen crew.

escape rooms

The hen party challenge that’s full of twists, turns, and tons of laughter! Put your heads together, unleash your inner detectives, and race against the clock to crack codes and solve puzzles. Can your squad beat the room and escape with your pride (and maybe a few celebratory cocktails)?


Raise your espresso martini (or any cocktail your heart desires) to the bride-to-be, then show off your skills on the interactive dart boards or axe throwing lanes. It’s the perfect spot to kick off a wild hen weekend or keep the party going all night long!

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