Team & Corporate Socials

Strengthen bonds, foster collaboration, and ignite creativity with the thrill of axe throwing, the competitive fun of interactive darts, and the mind-boggling puzzles of our escape rooms. All while enjoying a variety of craft beers to toast your team's success!

Axe throwing

Experience the ultimate team-building activity that’s sharp, exciting, and a guaranteed good time. Unleash your inner lumberjack, challenge your colleagues, and create a shared experience that will leave a lasting impression.

interactive darts

Ignite your team’s competitive spirit with the interactive darts challenge that’s a bullseye for fun! Light up the scoreboard,foster friendly rivalry amongst colleagues, and discover hidden talents.

escape rooms

Strengthen bonds, sharpen problem-solving skills, and create a shared experience that will have everyone talking. Work together, race against the clock, and emerge victorious with a story worth telling (and bragging rights to last a lifetime).


From refreshing mocktails to celebratory cocktails, we have the perfect libations to fuel your team’s camaraderie and make your event a success. Whether you’re toasting achievements or unwinding after a day of team-building, our bar has something for everyone to enjoy responsibly.

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